May 2013 NORML Canada Newsletter

Greetings NORML Canada members and welcome to the summer of 2012. The summer is traditionally a time to relax and unwind. [Many in the cannabis community have finished the hard work of spring and the wait for the cooler days and longer nights of fall has begun.] The hard work of educating our government about […]

February 2013 NORML Canada Newsletter

Greetings Cannabis Law Reform Community, This month we are focusing on a few law reform campaigns currently working to change cannabis policies. For decades, it seems substantial reform of cannabis law has been just around the corner. Government reports blast cannabis prohibition for being ineffective; Policy makers, judges, law enforcement officials and celebrities all seem […]

November 2012 NORML Canada Newsletter

Greetings cannabis community, This month’s NORML Canada newsletter begins with a warning: On November 6, 2012, the mandatory minimum sentences for cannabis and other “serious drug offences”, enacted last year, pursuant to Bill C-10 (the Safe Streets and Communities Act), came into effect. Furthermore, on November 20, 2012, conditional sentences will be prohibited for many […]

June 2012 NORML Canada Newsletter

Stop the Violence NORML Canada would like to note the good work being done by BC based Stop the Violence founded by Dr. Evan Wood. Currently, four city councils in BC (Enderby, North Vancouver, Vernon and Victoria) have publicly endorsed Stop the Violence’s call for a public health approach to cannabis regulation and taxation in […]

May 2012 NORML Canada Newsletter

Global Marijuana March 4/20 Celebrations Prohibition on medical cannabis extractions ruled unconstitutional by BC Supreme Court Website update Membership Renewal Treating Yourself Expo John Q Public Global Marijuana March Saturday, May 5th will mark the 14th annual Toronto Global Marijuana March (starts at 12 noon). There will be many things different about this year’s event. […]