Stop the Violence

NORML Canada would like to note the good work being done by BC based Stop the Violence founded by Dr. Evan Wood.

Currently, four city councils in BC (Enderby, North Vancouver, Vernon and Victoria) have publicly endorsed Stop the Violence’s call for a public health approach to cannabis regulation and taxation in British Columbia.

NORML Canada applauds BC mayors from across the province who on April 26 demanded regulation and taxation of cannabis. Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan summed it up well, “We see the detrimental effects of marijuana prohibition in our communities on a daily basis. Huge profits for organized crime and widespread gang violence in our cities are the result of this failed policy. We put our citizens and communities at risk by not taking action now.”

The Mayor of Vernon, Robert Sawatazky, called on other BC mayors, “We invite mayors from across BC to consider the escalating costs of prohibition, and join our efforts to implement evidence-based cannabis policies that reflect our commitment as municipal leaders to community health and safety.”

Vienna Declaration

NORML Canada knows that the City of Toronto signed the Vienna Declaration back on August 26, 2010. The Vienna Declaration highlights how over reliance on law enforcement to deal with drug issues has resulted in a range of harms to society.

On March 28, 2012, the Urban Public Health Network endorsed the Vienna Declaration. The Urban Public Health Network comprises the Chief Medical Officers of Health of the 18 largest Canadian cities. The purpose of the network is to address public health issues that are common to urban populations.

Treating Yourself

The Treating Yourself Expo has become a major event on the cannabis calendar and it is important to let our members know that we are active and engaged in the community. It is an opportunity to network and strategize with activists from across Canada and the world.NORML Canada would like to express our gratitude to the volunteers who represented NORML Canada in Toronto this year at the Treating Yourself Expo, May 25 to 27.

When we engage politicians, judges, lawyers or other professionals we want them to know that we speak with the combined voice of many Canadians which is why it is imperative that we continue to grow our membership. Special thanks to all who helped at the TY expo, including Melissa Freake, Ben Fudge, Graham Kittmer, Kyle Walton and Ryan O’Neil. From beginning to end the NORML Canada booth was stacked with articulate passionate volunteers. As a result, NORML Canada signed up many new members and sold almost 200 of our popular I AM Cannabian t-shirts. The proceeds from the t-shirts sales go towards future and increasingly effective activism, lobbying and outreach.