NORML Canada Reviews the Legislative Review

NORML Canada Reviews the Legislative Review A comparison between the panel recommendations and what we recommend When cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2018, we were promised a review of legislation within 3 years.  Due to the pandemic, finally after 5 years the review panel was appointed and stakeholders were contacted. NORML Canada was a […]

Ontario mail-order cannabis is a government monopoly, and licensed retailers want in

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Despite scores of successful illicit pot delivery businesses, only the government-run Ontario Cannabis Store is allowed to sell weed by mail. Bryan Passifiume | National Post OTTAWA – While other provinces streamline their legal cannabis framework, retailers in Ontario say it’s time for Canada’s largest legal pot market to follow suit. Growing numbers of licensed […]

Why a cannabis lobby group is petitioning feds to raise THC levels in edibles

Paul Soucy | Global News It’s been just over five years since Canada legalized the recreational use of cannabis. Since then, hundreds of companies and thousands of stores have popped up across the country. There haven’t been any changes to legislation in those five years, but a cannabis advocacy group is hoping to change that. […]

Petition calls on Ottawa to allow more potent cannabis edibles

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Advocates want raise the current limit from 10 mg of THC to 100 mg Bryan Passifiume | The National Post OTTAWA — Canadian cannabis advocates are calling on the federal government to do more to fight illicit sellers by allowing for stronger edibles to be sold by licensed retailers. The call comes in the form […]

Mississauga to allow cannabis stores

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“Congratulations to Mississauga for finally realizing the harm they have done in their municipality over the last four years by opting out of cannabis sales. They not only allowed the unregulated market to flourish, they also created a false bubble in border cities where their residents would drive to.”

Time to end Ontario’s legal cannabis monopoly, industry says

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“It’s really scary to have your entire livelihood in the hands of people who are pointing fingers at other people,” she said.

She accused OCS of keeping retailers in the dark, and was pointed in her response to the Ontario Finance Ministry’s assertions that wholesale deliveries have been “back to normal” for nearly a week.

“I still haven’t received a full order yet — we received 30 cases last week which are long gone now, and now we’re waiting for our next order, so no things are not ‘back to normal,’ and we’re not going to be back to normal until October, if we’re lucky,” said Cavion, who is also executive director of NORML Canada.

Ontario cannabis shops low on supply as OCS experiences distribution delays

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“We have an opportunity to be the prototype, we have an opportunity to show other countries how federal legalization can work,” Cavion said.

Cavion, who is also executive director of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws, says this issue will be on the agenda at the next meeting.

“Really what we’re going to be advocating for is a backup plan for next time, because this is ridiculous,” she said.

Canada’s 10mg edibles limit empowering black market, hamstringing legal industry

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June 13, 2022 David Brown Nearly three years into cannabis edibles becoming legal in the Canadian market, producers and retailers say higher potency edibles continue to be a driver of the illicit market, hamstringing the legal industry as well as Health Canada’s own public health concerns.  While legal producers are limited to no more than […]