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years of advocacy in Canada

After fighting for decades, we finally have legal cannabis in Canada! 
There is still a lot of work to be done at both the provincial and federal level.   We are still fighting stigma, missing and incomplete information, bureaucracy (more than ever) and cleaning up from the fall out of prohibition. 

Additionally, we are trying to make the cannabis industry viable and sustainable.  We want to stimulate jobs in communities of all sizes.  We want to give the pioneers who fought for legalization a fighting chance to operate in the legal system.  

We are fighting the old fight with a new perspective.

Our Board

Jennawae Cavion

Executive Director

Jennawae has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2010, when she and her partner Lorenzo co-founded one of Canada’s largest seedbanks 420 Kingston. While Jennawae has always been involved in activism, she assumed a more proactive stance in the community after being raided by the federal government in 2017, 2 years prior to Cannabis legalization in Canada. Jennawae was ultimately pardoned, and later became a board member in 2018, at a crucial juncture when Ontario was deliberating on the regulation of Cannabis sales. Feeling a sense of powerlessness, she was driven to take every possible action to influence the shaping of our laws. Jennawae has since gone on to open Calyx + Trichomes, one of the top cannabis retail stores in the country and number one in her region since their first year of licensing. 

A true architect of industry, Jennawae’s passion is converting others from the unregulated market over to the regulated market which she and so many others fought hard to establish. Jennawae would like to see an end to the complacency and apathy which have been plaguing the industry since legalization, and to see the community come together to create an equitable & sustainable cannabis industry for all.

Jack Lloyd


Sarah Mills

Events & Digital Marketing Manager

Derek Mascarenhas

Board Member

Derek has been a medical cannabis patient since 2010. He is an avid grower who loves the plant and understands the importance of the community around it. He has worked as a business development consultant since 2017, creating documentation for financing and licensing applications for entrepreneurs  in cultivation, retail and edibles production. Derek has been a board member since 2019, and joined because he saw real value in membership of a non-patisan, non-profit organization, and the potential to achieve small, targeted wins to effect meaningful change.