years of advocacy in Canada

After fighting for decades, we finally have legal cannabis in Canada! 
There is still a lot of work to be done at both the provincial and federal level.   We are still fighting stigma, missing and incomplete information, bureaucracy (more than ever) and cleaning up from the fall out of prohibition. 

Additionally, we are trying to make the cannabis industry viable and sustainable.  We want to stimulate jobs in communities of all sizes.  We want to give the pioneers who fought for legalization a fighting chance to operate in the legal system.  

We are fighting the old fight with a new perspective.

Jennawae Cavion

Executive Director

Jack Lloyd


Sarah Mills

Events & Digital Marketing Manager

Board Members

Nick Baksh

Jess Hope

Harrison Jordan

Sean Kady

Anna Li

Andrea Smith-Meecham

Derek Mascarenhas

Rich Navarro