September 2020 Newsletter

CARYMA SA’D As we draw nearer to the second anniversary of cannabis legalization, there is no better time to reflect on the heroic efforts that paved the way for reforms. It is also an opportune moment to envision the progress we hope to see in the future. Staying in touch with the roots of cannabis […]

July 2013 NORML Canada Newsletter

Justin Trudeau Would Legalize Cannabis NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada Campaign July 31 Uruguay Votes on Legalization Draft Legislation – Production DEA Busts in Washington State Despite State Laws to the Contrary Justin Trudeau Would Legalize Cannabis On July 23 in Kelowna and on July 25 in Vancouver, Justin Trudeau said he would legalize cannabis […]

March 2013 NORML Canada Newsletter

Greetings Cannabis Law Reform Community, It’s time to think about what we aim to achieve in 2013. Outside of Canada, it seems as though cannabis law reform is happening everywhere, yet within our borders cannabis law reform still eludes us. Under its current government, Canada has not embraced the global trend towards cannabis law reform. […]

January 2013 NORML Canada Newsletter

Greetings Cannabis Law Reform Community, As we begin 2013, there is a lot for NORML Canada to be excited about. We hope to carry forward the international momentum gathered in 2012, in our continued mission to reform Canadian cannabis law. Although 2012 had its set-backs in Canada, specifically the implementation of increased penalties for cannabis […]

November 2012 NORML Canada Newsletter

Greetings cannabis community, This month’s NORML Canada newsletter begins with a warning: On November 6, 2012, the mandatory minimum sentences for cannabis and other “serious drug offences”, enacted last year, pursuant to Bill C-10 (the Safe Streets and Communities Act), came into effect. Furthermore, on November 20, 2012, conditional sentences will be prohibited for many […]

April 20, 2012 NORML Canada Newsletter

Greeting Cannabis Law Reform Community Marijuana legalization demonstrations are planned across Canada for Friday, April 20th. The number 420 has become symbolic to cannabis consumers all over the world. April 20th, aka 4/20, has become one of the most important holidays on the marijuana law reformer’s calendar. On this day, across Canada, from Vancouver to […]