October 2014 NORML Canada Newsletter

More American States May Legalize Recreational Marijuana in This Yearís Mid-Term Elections CAMH Calls for the Legalization of Cannabis Sensible B.C.’s Newsletter: “Where does your mayor stand on cannabis prohibition?” Conservative Government Kicks off New Anti-Drug Campaign A Look at the Latest Documentary Exploring Marijuana Prohibition: The Culture High More American States May Legalize Recreational […]

September 2014 NORML Canada Newsletter

Chile To Begin Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Research Philadelphia City Council Passes Cannabis Decriminalization Bill Sensible BC Conference October 3rd-5th Study: Female Cannabis Consumers Could Be More Sensitive to, and More Tolerant of, THC than Males First Entirely Fee-Free Medical Marijuana Clinic to Open in South Western Ontario Real Conservatives Support Legal Marijuana! Tax on […]

October 2013 NORML Canada Newsletter

Study Finds Drug War a Failure Decriminalization in Switzerland Cannabis in Uruguay – $1 a gram Sensible BC Campaign MMAR Coalition Against Repeal Fundraiser Study Finds Drug War a Failure A recent study examining the impact of drug law enforcement-based supply reduction efforts has found that drug law enforcement is a failure. The study used […]

October 2012 NORML Canada Newsletter

Sensible BC Jennifer Collett’s Freedom Walk Sensible BC The Sensible BC campaign has recently received confirmation from Elections BC that their new proposed Sensible Policing Act meets the requirements of the Recall and Initiative Act (is jurisdictionally appropriate, clearly written and suitable for a provincial referendum). The Sensible BC campaign and their draft legislation, the […]