Why a cannabis lobby group is petitioning feds to raise THC levels in edibles

Paul Soucy | Global News It’s been just over five years since Canada legalized the recreational use of cannabis. Since then, hundreds of companies and thousands of stores have popped up across the country. There haven’t been any changes to legislation in those five years, but a cannabis advocacy group is hoping to change that. […]

Petition calls on Ottawa to allow more potent cannabis edibles

white ceramic plate with chocolate cookies and hemp leaves

Advocates want raise the current limit from 10 mg of THC to 100 mg Bryan Passifiume | The National Post OTTAWA — Canadian cannabis advocates are calling on the federal government to do more to fight illicit sellers by allowing for stronger edibles to be sold by licensed retailers. The call comes in the form […]

Canada’s 10mg edibles limit empowering black market, hamstringing legal industry

white ceramic plate with chocolate cookies and hemp leaves

June 13, 2022 David Brown Nearly three years into cannabis edibles becoming legal in the Canadian market, producers and retailers say higher potency edibles continue to be a driver of the illicit market, hamstringing the legal industry as well as Health Canada’s own public health concerns.  While legal producers are limited to no more than […]

July 2015 NORML Canada Newsletter

A Note From John Conroy On The Important Formal Decision from Justice Phelan on the Injunction City of Vancouver Sending Warning Letters to Dispensaries That Sell Edibles July 8th Statement from Health Canada in Regards to Smith Cannabis Became Officially Legal in Oregon This July Vancouver Police Make Arrest On “Cannabis Day,” July 1 2015 […]