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NORML Canada is happy to introduce our monthly newsletter. Each month, we will be providing all our members with the latest news and updates on the Canadian cannabis scene. We welcome your input, and hope to provide you with powerful information that will engage you in new and innovative ways.

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in Canada has been busy the last few months, Harper’s dreaded Bill C-10 the Safe Streets and Communities Act is a direct threat to our community. The government has decided to step up its war on marijuana. We cannot allow this to happen. Join us as we work to tackle the biggest threat the cannabis community has encountered in decades.

October News and Events

November News and Events

NORML Canada’s Resolving Prohibition Tour visits Halifax

Executive Director Marc-Boris St-Maurice and National Campaign Director Kelly Coulter, joined with special guests from Maritimers United for Medical Marijuana, and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition for a lively discussion about medicinal use, mandatory minimum sentences, and the futile War on Drugs. It was a pleasure to see the East Coast community coming together and sharing their ideas. We urge all our east coast members to expand their networks and bring our message to a wider

Comedy fundraiser in Kingston

We’d like to thank Time to Laugh Comedy Club for hosting Howard Dover’s Comedy Extrava Ganja in support of NORML Canada. It was a great night filled with laughter and community spirit. The comics kept the place in stitches while Kingston 420 showered the crowd with free gifts. NORML Canada is happy to see such a vibrant community spirit in the great city of Kingston Ontario.

Resolving Prohibition Tour visits Peterborough

NORML Canada, and Collett Human Services will host the next stop on the NORML
Resolving Marijuana Prohibition tour. Special guest speakers include Marc Boris St.Maurice, Excutive Director, NORML Canada; Jennifer Collett of Collett Human Services; Gerald Parker from the Institute for Canadian Justice and Suzanne Galloway (Health Promoter, Substance Misuse Program) Peterborough Community Health Unit. Look forward to reading about it in our next newsletter.

New members on the team

NORML Canada would like to announce the additions of several new key collaborators. Kelly Coulter fills the position of Secretary on our Board of Directors while also working as National Campaign Director. Her dedication to NORML Canada will serve us well.

We would also like to welcome two additional members to the NORML Canada team; criminal lawyer Paul Lewin, and Kevin Benson. Together, they will be overseeing NORML’s activities and expansion in the Ontario Region. They bring a wealth of information and drive to our team and we want to thank them for coming aboard.

Resolving Prohibition event visits Carleton University on November 8, 2011

Please join NORML Canada and Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (Carleton) for an entertaining and informative evening discussing cannabis law reform and the harms of continued prohibition. Speakers include Marc-Boris St-Maurice, Eugene Oscapella, Alex Rowan, and others.

The event begins at 7pm we hope to see many of you at Carleton.

Find the event on Facebook.
Location and time: November 8th, 2011 at 7pm.
Carleton University, 1125 colonel by Drive, Tory Building, Rm. 340, Ottawa, Ontario.

NORML Canada online

One more new arrival to the NORML team is longtime cannabis law reform advocate, Frank D., who will help maintain the NORML Canada website and contribute to our ongoing efforts to expand and upgrade our online presence. Frank, the webmaster behind and other informational websites, is a welcome addition to our growing team.

Social media, and other web-based activism is vibrant and growing, NORML Canada needs your participation to reach a wider audience. If you have web design skills, are a blogger, a social media expert, or are simply interested in spreading the word, please get in touch. We need your help. For more information, visit