Cannabis and Legal Reform – A Virtual Panel Discussion

Featuring commentary from Caryma Sa’d Cannabis Wiki Lester | June 6, 2020 The Cannabis Wiki Cannabis & Legal Reform panel focuses on the current state of criminal system in regard to cannabis charges, and the numerous barriers preventing proper access to record expungement. Here you’ll join our moderator Lester from Cannabis Wiki and listen in on […]

This company will grow your cannabis for you and deliver it when it’s ready

But we’ll have to wait at least a little longer for something so inventive to take root in Canada. Featuring commentary from Caryma Sa’d The GrowthOp Anisha Dhiman | June 3, 2020 Even as cannabis legalization increases around the world, rules surrounding growing it at home can be as varied as they are confusing. Even […]

June 2020 Newsletter

CARYMA SA’D The past few months have been unusual, to say the least. The world as we know it has been thrown into disarray. COVID-19 brought “business as usual” to a grinding halt, while simultaneously laying bare some of the more troubling discrepancies in our society. In some ways, being forced to stay apart has […]

These cannabis companies have been handling the pandemic better than others

The key to minimizing losses during COVID-19 shutdowns is to remain nimble and be creative. Featuring commentary from Deepak Anand The GrowthOp Anisha Dhiman | May 14, 2020 “The writing was on the wall,” says Harrison Stoker, vice-president of brand at Donnelly Group, a 20-year-old company that owns nine Hobo Cannabis stores across Canada. “We […]

Release non-violent and weed-related inmates to slow COVID19, says amnesty advocate

As prisons around the world depopulate, Canada should consider expunging cannabis offences says NORML Canada executive director Caryma Sa’d. Mugglehead Michelle Gamage | April 9, 2020 As the first few cases of COVID-19 start appearing in Canadian prisons, advocates are calling for a radical way to keep people safe: let the non-violent inmates go home.  […]